The registrations are open! Each round you can choose a workshop given by either a company or alumni. Please note that you can attend only 1 'Alumni speaking' session. If an option is no longer available, the workshop is already full or unavailable. Below is an overview of the workshops to be chosen. You can also find the programme booklet in the bar on the left!

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Biogeneration Ventures

How to start a life - sciences company! This workshop will learn you more about entrepreneurship for researchers in life sciences. Using some concrete examples we will illustrate how starting or being involved in start-ups can be a very interesting and rewarding experience. Stimulating you to be on the lookout to turn your innovation in a new treatment for patients.


Capgemini is a multicultural company with over 270.000 employees in almost 50 countries. As global leader in the field of consultancy, digital transformation, technology and engineering services, we help organisations to stay future-proof in the digital world. During the workshop we will provide you with insight in the culture, projects and all possibilities for starting Consultants. Does Capgemini appear as a cool company to you? Then we would like to see you on the 10th of February during our presentation!

Career Services UU 1

How to write a powerful CV: During this short workshop you will learn what a powerful CV looks like. You will receive information on the different parts of a CV as well as hands-on tips and tricks to make your CV stand out. After this workshop you are able to work on your own CV. You are cordially invited to have your CV checked by a career officer: make an appointment through the Career Services website.

Career Services UU 2

Exploring the job market and networking: Would you like to do an internship in the short term, do relevant voluntary work or are you looking for a suitable (side) job? Exploring your career is exciting and at the same time can come with uncertainties. During this introductory workshop you will learn how employers look for employees, how to track jobs and vacancies and how to make use of your own network.


To begin your career in clinical research is an excellent starting point. There is a lot of attention for education and development, the employment conditions are good and there are many career opportunities, nationally or internationally. Get to know more about clinical research in our workshop!

Johnson & Johnson

In this workshop , the team from Johnson & Johnson will explain what Johnson & Johnson but also Janssen does. They will take you through examples on what they do but also what we, as biomedical scientists, can contribute to their cause.

NEMO Science Museum

Find out how you can create a hands-on activity for families in a Science Museum. How you have to be creative with a scientific subject, like covid-19, learning strategies, like inquiry-based learning, and your audience, like families. Work as a science communicator and think about the possibilities and challenges in a museum environment. (only in round 2)


PHARMO is an independent research institute, which specializes in the performance of observational studies using patient Real World Data. During our workshop you shall gain insights into the institute itself, our internal databases and external ones to which we can link, and you get the chance to experience what it is like to be one of our researchers during an interactive task. (only in round 2)


CSI: Cosmetic Safety Investigation. In this workshop, the team from SkinConsult will give you a crash course in the various steps that are required to launch a cosmetic product onto the EU market. Next, we will present a case where things actually didn’t go to plan…. and it’s your job as Cosmetic Safety Investigators to find out what went wrong, and save humanity!

TropIQ Health Sciences

In this interactive workshop, we’ll discuss the challenges of an impact-driven biotech company in the field of poverty-related diseases, and take a look at an innovative concept for prevention of malaria and dengue through administration of a systemic insecticide as an oral drug to a human population.


The workshop will consist of a small introduction to Vintura, followed by a consultancy exercise to give you an insight into consulting.

Young Innovators of Medicine

Working in the pharmaceutical industry means working in a challenging environment. Something for you?! In this interactive workshop, our representatives - a group of young professionals - will tell you more about their experiences. Through an interactive set-up they’ll tell you about the pharmaceutical industry, the development of medicine, and different career opportunities. There will also be room for asking individual questions. We’re looking forward to it, you too? Sign up!

Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 1

During this workshop some BMS alumni will tell about their career path; from study to current job. The alumni during this session are: Jop de Vrieze | Melanie van Berkum | Marielle Otten

Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 2

During this workshop some BMS alumni will tell about their career path; from study to current job. The alumni during this session are: Carola Janssen | Hiljanne van der Meer | Naomi Chrispijn | Koen Scheerders

Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 3

During this workshop some BMS alumni will tell about their career path; from study to current job. The alumni during this session are: Liset Westera | Esmé van Herpen | Timo Smets | Ruud Moesbergen (only in round 1)

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Round 1: 16:05 - 16:50

Biogeneration VenturesRound: 1
CapgeminiRound: 1
Career Services UU 1Round: 1
Career Services UU 2Round: 1
ExcelyaRound: 1
Johnson & JohnsonRound: 1
NEMO Science MuseumRound: 1
PHARMORound: 1
SkinConsultRound: 1
TropIQ Health SciencesRound: 1
VinturaRound: 1
Young Innovators of MedicineRound: 1
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 1Round: 1
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 2Round: 1
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 3Round: 1

Round 2: 17:00 - 17:45

Biogeneration VenturesRound: 2
CapgeminiRound: 2
Career Services UU 1Round: 2
Career Services UU 2Round: 2
ExcelyaRound: 2
Johnson & JohnsonRound: 2
NEMO Science MuseumRound: 2
PHARMORound: 2
SkinConsultRound: 2
TropIQ Health SciencesRound: 2
VinturaRound: 2
Young Innovators of MedicineRound: 2
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 1Round: 2
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 2Round: 2
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 3Round: 2