CarriƩre dag 2022

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The day will start with two amazing speakers in Megaron. After that there will workshops from multiple companies and alumni.

The companies and alumni that will be hosting a workshop are listed below! The workshops will be given in rounds of approximately 45 minutes. Everyone will have the opportunity to register for two rounds . The content of the workshops can be seen at the page 'Workshops' on the website. It is possible to register for just one workshop, select 'None' for the other workshop. You can not choose the same workshop twice. Please also register if you do not want to participate in the workshops.

After the workshop our final speaker Willem van Waesberghe will give a presentation in Megaron. Following that there will be a company fair which take place in the hall of Ruppert. There will be drinks and snacks present. Check out the 'Company fair' page on the website to know which companies will be attending.