The companies and alumni that will be hosting a workshop are listed below! The workshops will be given in rounds of approximately 45 minutes. Everyone will have the opportunity to register for two rounds (max. 1 alumni round), followed by the virtual business fair. The content of the workshops can be seen at the registration page.

Biogeneration Ventures
BioGeneration Ventures (BGV) is a venture capital company, with a focus on early stage European biotech companies. The Company has a strong track record of significant financial returns through investing in innovations in healthcare and providing the expertise to build world-class teams. The Company manages over €250 million of funds investing in areas where true scientific innovations, the unmet medical need, and the potential to demonstrate a significant proof of concept all come together.

BGV strives to work with founding teams to mature science and build companies. The Company uses its experience to guide progress into clinical trials, ultimately leading to successful drug development and value realisation for its investors. BGV applies its expertise in a rigorous process to select the most compelling opportunities with the best prospects for exit.

BGV is based in Naarden, The Netherlands and closely collaborates with Forbion. For more information, please see the website:

Paying friends back, checking the stock of a store or tracking your package. Without you knowing, you have probably already interacted with Capgemini. Together with our clients we create business- & IT-solutions that meet the needs of the client and produce concrete results.

Choose a career that fits you
A typical consultancy company? No, we are not. We don’t know fixed frames and your path is not fixed yet either. You decide yourself what your career will look like. And which direction you want to go. Do you choose for the role of expert or will you go for a top function?

What is going to be your impact?
Internet banking, smart energy meters and various business- & logistic applications. Our colleagues are working on the most divergent and challenging projects for clients both within the country and abroad. For more information you can visit

Career Services UU
Career Services helps to build the bridge between students, degree programmes and the job market by thoroughly preparing students for working life. We offer tailor-made workshops, personal coaching sessions, several events and CV checks, and provide you with information about alumni and their careers. Career Services is open to students and PhD candidates, and we are in direct contact with many different companies.
Excelya is a young and ambitious European contract research organization (CRO) specializing in clinical research.  Excelya is spread throughout Europe with over 800 employees, 17 offices and 12 legal entities. We provide our services across multiple industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical devices, cosmetics and nutrition. Our team members experience their careers as part of a company ready to become a European leader in clinical research. Interested to learn more about the opportunities we have to offer? Please contact Simone Polman (0612996359/ or Stijn Valkering (0653641197/
Johnson & Johnson
At Johnson & Johnson, we believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress. That’s why for more than 130 years, we have aimed to keep people well at every age and every stage of life. Today, as the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company, we are committed to using our reach and size for good. We strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere.

Every day, our more than 130,000 employees across the world are blending heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.

NEMO Science Museum
At NEMO Science Museum, everyone – from young to old – discovers how fascinating science and technology are. On five floors crammed full of exhibitions, experiments, demonstrations and workshops, visitors discover how special everyday things are. NEMO’s visitors learn about the basic principles of science and technology. About phenomena such as electricity, light, sound and gravity. They learn by doing, by experiencing and by using all their senses. We invite our visitors to discover and explore who they are, and the world around them. To ask questions and to stop and think. That’s learning the NEMO way.

As exhibition maker you are responsible for all the content of the programs, exhibitions, demonstrations, and workshops. As a science communicator you find hands-on ways to communicate the scientific subjects to the lay audience.

PHARMO is an independent scientific research company that offers tailor-made data research and consultancy to assist our clients in their decision-making. PHARMO has access to patient-centric data throughout the life cycle of patients within multiple databases. Through linkage of anonymized Real World Data (RWD) within our own PHARMO Database Network and with various external healthcare databases, we can follow up more than 10 million residents of the Netherlands for an average of 12 years. Thereby, giving a complete overview of a patient’s medical journey. This enables us to perform various pharmaco-epidemiological studies, which the pharmaceutical industry, consultancy firms, academia, or research institutes assign us to.

We perform benefit-risk assessments of drugs such as EMA-driven post-authorisation studies, and we support health outcomes, health economics, market access, and disease management strategies. We lead European studies to provide critical evidence in the context of emerging standards for study design, database and analysis operations, and quality assurance in Europe. PHARMO has over 20 years of experience in linking patient RWD, which makes us contribute to health innovation through observation.

SkinConsult ensures the safety of cosmetic products in the EU. We combine our passion for science (toxicology, dermatology, chemistry), regulatory affairs and software development to help our various clients get their products to market swiftly and safely. These clients include both SMEs and multinationals – it’s highly likely that you are using one of our products today!

Our team comprises people with a life sciences background who want to make the world a better place. Our dream is to be responsible for the safety of 1 million different cosmetic products by 2030.

We want to reach this by connecting our clients and the rest of the supply chain to our platform, developing new in silico tools to check safety even better/harder/faster/stronger, and assisting with issues whenever they occur. #SafetyFirst!

TropIQ Health Sciences
TropIQ Health Sciences operates a technology platform for the discovery and development of molecules to combat infectious diseases. TropIQ combines world-class expertise on infectious diseases with state of the art drug discovery technologies. Through this combination, TropIQ is uniquely positioned to accelerate the development of novel medicines, vaccines and vector control measures.

It is TropIQ’s vision that there is a dynamic relationship between poverty and health. Many infectious diseases are the direct result of living conditions induced by poverty. In turn, these diseases exacerbate the impoverished status as they reduce productivity and economic prospects. Improving people’s health will improve their productivity, social and economic status and provide the basis for further development of individuals and nations.

TropIQ aims at creating better opportunities for people by improving their health. To this end it provides enabling technology for the elimination of infectious diseases.

Business model
TropIQ employs a hybrid business model. It conducts fee-for-service research activities for third parties. In addition, it uses its technology platform to drive a proprietary drug discovery program.

Vintura is a leading international consultancy company specializing in healthcare and life sciences. We were established in 2000 and work with a team of 30 driven, people-oriented and experienced consultants in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the UK. Our mission is ‘creating meaningful impact in healthcare together’. We apply our expertise to help hospitals and organizations in the pharmaceuticals and medical devices sector to bring about ongoing improvement. Our experience in international markets allows us to support clients across Europe and beyond.

In our projects we contribute to realizing accessible and affordable care for every patient, from both a healthcare and life sciences perspective – combining these worlds in value-based healthcare projects. We do so based on our core values. Vintura has a distinguished approach which is delivered by experienced advisors with consultancy and industry expertise.

Young Innovators of Medicine
What opportunities are there to get started in the biotech / pharmaceutical industry? Working in the pharmaceutical sector means working in a challenging environment. A job at an innovative pharmaceutical company is a possible step after training in, for example, biomedical sciences, pharmacy or medicine.

Jessica van Heest and Jonice van Limbeek are representatives of the Young Innovators of Medicines – a group of young professionals working within the pharmaceutical sector. They both work in the medical department of an innovative pharmaceutical company, with a focus on pharmaceuticals within Neuroscience. They are happy to tell you more about their experiences and possible (entry-level) positions.

Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 1
During this workshop some BMS alumni will tell about their career path; from study to current job. The alumni during this session are:

  • Jop de Vrieze: Freelance science writer and investigative journalist
  • Melanie van Berkum: Education officer at Wageningen University & Research (PhD Candidate)
  • Marielle Otten: Freelance medical/scientific advisor and trainer, for pharma and healthcare (PhD Candidate and Doctoral Candidate)
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 2
During this workshop some BMS alumni will tell about their career path; from study to current job. The alumni during this session are:

  • Carola Janssen: Senior consultant at Hezelburcht Grant Consultancy (PhD Candidate)
  • Hiljanne van der Meer: Public programme developer at the Universiteitsmuseum Utrecht
  • Naomi Chrispijn: Programme officer at NWO (PhD Candidate)
  • Koen Scheerders: Freelance science journalist and medical editor (PhD Student)
Alternative pathways: alumni speaking 3
During this workshop some BMS alumni will tell about their career path; from study to current job. The alumni during this session are:

  • Liset Westera: Medical immunologist in training at Princess Máxima Center, Pediatric Oncology (PhD Candidate and Doctoral Candidate)
  • Esmé van Herpen: Education manager at Karakter, Academic Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Timo Smets: Therapy sales specialist at Medtronic
  • Ruud Moesbergen: Exhibition maker at NEMO, theatre maker and trainer and presenter concerning science communication
    • Only in round 1; during round 2, he will be hosting the NEMO Science Museum workshop

All of the information above is sourced from the website or contact at the respective company